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Surveyors in Sheffield  for independent RICS House Surveys and RICS Property Valuations

Independent RICS Surveyors covering Sheffield.

Steve Butler MRICS Chartered Surveyor has over thirty years experience of surveying and valuing property in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area.

Please call or e-mail for help in choosing whether to have a RICS Homebuyers Survey and Report or a Structural/ Building Survey when purchasing a property.  An e-mail with the property's full address and post code really helps with advising clients as to what survey to have and to enable an exact quotation to be given. We find that the considerably cheaper Homebuyers Survey satisfies more than ninety percent of our clients.

Sheffield RICS Surveyors Home Buyers Survey Report on a 1900 semi detached house near Barnsley


Professionals residence near Barnsley constructed 1900 to 1910. Note the decorative stone work around the window openings. The Roof surface is life expired and has also distorted due to a sub standard structure which has probably resulted from having to accommodate the dormer window. The original doors on the landings and halls do not have half hour fire resistance which would be a modern requirement to protect the occupier of the roof void rooms or to allow an escape corridor. The garage roof was also like expired due the slates de-laminating and the structure was also substandard and had a decayed joist end. Boundary walls had suffered considerable loss of their faces. Yew trees in the garden are extremely toxic and a beech tree is a maintenance liability and may have protection order. The period nature of the house and others in the road means it is likely to be in a conservation area.

Boundary and Right of Way dispute surveyors Sheffield

We are also able to help clients in Sheffield with Boundary and Right of Way Disputes. Steve Butlers legal training gives him a considerable advantage over other surveyors when it comes to preparing reports for use in the court and critically in negotiating agreed facts.

Reports on defective workmanship for disputes with builders

Steve Butler has prepared many reports in respect of complaints and court actions against builders and other traders. Again his legal knowledge helps clients consider if claims are worth perusing and the best method. Previous defects investigated include numerous roof replacements, conservatories and replacement doors and windows.

Independent RICS Property Valuations in Sheffield

Valuations can be prepared for a wide range of matters including Help to Buy, Housing Association Properties, Insolvency, Probate, Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax. Steve Butler is accredited by the RICS for valuations.

Regulated by RICS 

The main advantages of dealing with our Chartered Surveyors are:

PROFESSIONALISM:  Our surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) who ensure the practice complies with exacting standards. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors require that our surveyors keep up to date with property matters, maintain audited clients accounts, professional indemnity insurance and a formal complaints procedure.  

ACCESS:  Property matters can be very worrying. You can invariably telephone one of our Chartered Surveyors between 8 .00 am and 6.00 pm seven days per week. If you have a problem or don't understand something please feel free to call.

PERSONAL ATTENTION:   We only have a limited number of clients to ensure that the level of service is maintained. Telephone calls from clients or potential clients are always welcome.

RAPID RESPONSE: Our surveyors can invariably meet clients in Sheffield Rotherham Doncaster Barnsley the same day or next day, at the office or home.


Past surveyors reports in Sheffield


Surveyors report on a 1930's Semi detached house in Sheffield

Here our surveyors say corroding render beads a fractured flat roof, old uneven quarry tiles, and a blocked drain due to a root infestation.


Defects seen by our Sheffield during RICS Homebuyers Reports and Building Surveys in the Sheffield area


This modern roof structure alarmed our Sheffield Chartered Surveyors as the trusses are acting independently of each other. They can be seen as a row of dominos that could easily topple over in adverse conditions. These types of roofs should have horizontal timbers at the apex and half way down the face of each roof face to tie the structure together. There should also be diagonal timbers across the faces of the roof running upwards from the bottom corners towards the apex at forty-five degrees. The metal straps are to stop the gable end brickwork falling out and should really be anchored to a horizontal timber that is nailed across three of the trusses.

Our Sheffield RICS Surveyors were particularly concerned by this door. It is an attic bedroom door in a three storey Victorian house. The door is not able to resist fire to protect the occupier of the attic room if there is a fire and they cannot escape. The bedroom, living room and kitchen doors fronting a potential escape route should also be half hour fire resisting. In the three storey properties any cellar should have a ceiling.




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