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CPR PART 35 COMPLIANT EXPERT REPORTS - Birmingham, West Bromwich, Redditch, Erdington, Bromsgrove


Steve Butler has prepared CPR Part 35 compliant expert witness reports for:


     Disputes with builders and other contractors.


     Where a person does not have capacity and is under the protection of the courts.

     Matrimonial disputes.

     Bankruptcy and insolvency.

     Lease renewal and other landlord and tenant disputes.

     Negligent mortgage valuations and surveys.


Steve Butler has experience of preparing reports for the above purposes and has appeared in court both as an expert witness Regina v Ronalds Reeves and Others (2015), and unusualy for a Chartered Surevyor as an advocate before the Land Registration Property Chamber in the Dawson v Smith (2013) Right of Way case.


CPR Part 35 (Civil Procedure Rules):


Expert Reports for County Court are prepared in a special format ensuring that the Surveyor has for filled his duty to act impartially on behalf of the court. They also ensure that matters that the Surveyor has decided for himself, matters of fact and opinion and information received from other parties are all clearly explained to the court.

Steve Butler always charges a fixed fee rather than an hourly rate so that the client knows exactly what they can expect to pay.





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Birmingham, West Bromwich, Redditch, Erdington, Bromsgrove.  





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