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We are Sheffield  and Rotherham RICS Chartered Surveyors with an office at Hillsborough. We have been undertaking residential house and property surveys and valuations in the Sheffield area for over twenty years. 

Our particular interests are pre-purchase Homebuyers Surveys and Building Surveys. We also undertake structural and specific defect investigations most commonly for suspected subsidence and dampness.

We prepare RICS valuations for a wide range of purposes including Help to Buy Valuations, probate, matrimonial, taxation and insolvency.

Our surveyors frequently prepare expert witness reports for boundary disputes, matrimonial disputes and claims against small builders in respect of kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and the re-covering of roofs. We have also prepared reports on a walls and rights of way. Steve Butler RICS Chartered Surveyor has appeared in the Crown Court to give evidence as an expert witness, at the First Tier Property Tribunal as an advocate.

Being independent RICS Surveyors enables us to provide a bespoke service to clients. We can offer a rapid response and once at the property don't have to rush of to the next instruction. As we usually only undertake two instructions a day each client gets the time that they deserve and we always encourage them to attend the property and discuss matters at first hand.

Sheffield RICS Surveyors Home Buyers Survey Report on a 1900 semi detached house


Professionals residence near Barnsley constructed 1900 to 1910. Note the decorative stone work around the window openings. The Roof surface is life expired and has also distorted due to a sub standard structure which has probably resulted from having to accommodate the dormer window. The original doors on the landings and halls do not have half hour fire resistance which would be a modern requirement to protect the occupier of the roof void rooms or to allow an escape corridor. The garage roof was also like expired due the slates de-laminating and the structure was also substandard and had a decayed joist end. Boundary walls had suffered considerable loss of their faces. Yew trees in the garden are extremely toxic and a beech tree is a maintenance liability and may have protection order. The period nature of the house and others in the road means it is likely to be in a conservation area.


Photographs of a property inspected by our RICS surveyors undertaking a Building Survey and Report of a 1930's terrace near Rotherham

A partly rendered property with first floor rooms partly within the roof to save money. Our surveyors found missing window lintels, incorrectly aligned gutters, chimney salts and exposed metal on electrical fittings. The front bay roof was a particular problem as the flashing was life expired, the thickness of the roof meant that it was unlikely to be insulated and improvement may be difficult. There were problems with window heads due to initial poor construction and later alterations. The suspended timber floors were at risk due to poor ventilation. Chimneys were likely to be in poor condition and solid walls were at risk from badly maintained rainwater goods.

Surveyors report on a 1930's Semi detached house in Sheffield

Here our surveyors saw corroding render beads a fractured flat roof, old uneven quarry tiles, and a blocked drain due to a root infestation.The walls had been rendered probably so that property could be built quickly with cheap bricks and labour. Metal beads used to give a crisp edge to the render had corroded and would need to be chopped out and replaced to prevent unsightly rust stains. The roof surface had formed a dish shape due to a slightly substandard structure in which a major component was undersized and had sagged slightly. An outbuilding had a fractured concrete roof which could allow water ingress and enocurage the reinforcing steel to corrode. Quarry tile floors which are typical of the era were uneven due to the sand or ash on which they were laid settling due to poor compaction when laying. These types of floors often have damp joints are likely to be damp as there is no damp proof membrane under. Our surveyors reccomend thae such floors be kept uncovered and well ventilated. Roots had also invaded a sewer and were starting to catch sewerage. Fortunately this was at an early stage and the chamber had not filled.

Sheffield Chartered Surveyors Regulated by RICS 

The main advantages of dealing with our RICS Chartered Surveyors are:

RELIABILITY:  Our surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) who ensure the practice complies with exacting standards. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors require that our surveyors keep up to date with property matters, maintain audited clients accounts, professional indemnity insurance and a formal complaints procedure.  

AVAILABILITY:  Property matters can be very worrying. You can invariably telephone one of our Chartered Surveyors between 8 .00 am and 6.00 pm seven days per week. If you have a problem or don't understand something please feel free to call.

PERSONAL SERVICE:   We only have a limited number of clients to ensure that the level of service is maintained. Telephone calls from clients or potential clients are always welcome. We love to meet clients at a property to discuss matters whilst they are at hand.

RAPID RESPONSE: Our surveyors can invariably meet clients in Sheffield the same day or next day, at the office or home.

Boundary and Right of Way dispute surveyors Sheffield

We are also able to help clients in Sheffield with Boundary and Right of Way Disputes. Steve Butlers legal training gives him a considerable advantage over other surveyors when it comes to preparing reports for use in the court and critically in negotiating agreed facts.

Reports on defective workmanship for disputes with builders

Steve Butler RICS Chartered Surveyor has prepared many reports in respect of complaints and court actions against builders and other traders. Again his legal knowledge helps clients consider if claims are worth perusing and the best method. Previous defects investigated include numerous roof replacements, conservatories and replacement doors and windows.

Independent RICS Property Valuations in Sheffield

Our surveyors can prepare valuations for a wide range of matters including Help to Buy, Housing Association Properties, Insolvency, Probate, Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax. Steve Butler Chartered Surveyor is accredited by the RICS for valuations.


Guideline RICS Level 2 Homebuyers Report Fees for properties under £300,000.

VAT may be applicable!

Pre 1919           1919 - 1945          1946 - 2011

1 and 2 Bedroom Flats

350.00             300.00             275.00

1 and 2 Bedroom Houses

375.00             350.00            325.00

3 Bedroom Houses

400.00              375.00            350.00

4 Bedroom Houses

450.00              425.00             400.00

5 Bedroom Houses

550.00              500.00             450.00 









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Defects seen by our Sheffield during RICS Homebuyers Reports and Building Surveys in the Sheffield area

Japanese Knotweed has been the source of much controversy among surveyors in recent years. Lenders will now not lend in some situations and require extensive treatments plans to be put in place in others. The house buying public have heard tales of the problems that is can cause and to specifically look for it is now a regular instruction received from clients. The concern is not entirely without cause as there have been instances of new build properties having been constructed on top of it after which in its determination to escape it will grow through the junctures of floors and walls. However small clumps in the back garden of older houses are unlikely to be a threat to a property and have spawned a treatment industry that thrives on fear and mis-understanding of the plant and nervous surveyors.

'All but for a ha'penny-worth of tar!' Severe water damaged caused to a Sheffield property because of a broken gutter. The gutter could have been repaired for about £50.00. Not only had the water damaged the first-floor bedroom but the ground floor lounge as well. Both would need extensive re-plastering. In cases or severe water ingress are Sheffield surveyors are always mindful of dry rot is suspended timber ground floors are present. Cases of very destructive dry rot are often caused by sudden changes in the moisture levels.



This modern roof structure alarmed our Sheffield Chartered Surveyors as the trusses are acting independently of each other. They can be seen as a row of dominos that could easily topple over in adverse conditions. These types of roofs should have horizontal timbers at the apex and half way down the face of each roof face to tie the structure together. There should also be diagonal timbers across the faces of the roof running upwards from the bottom corners towards the apex at forty-five degrees. The metal straps are to stop the gable end brickwork falling out and should really be anchored to a horizontal timber that is nailed across three of the trusses.


Insulated toilet waste pipe that is inside a cellar. The insulation is a complte waste of the material. The prospects of the pipe freezing without insualtion are remote. Ground temperature is about 8 degrees once you get below the surface and sewers are warm.

Here is a handy guide used by our surveyors to date houses and extensions from the thickness of the insulation unless insulation has been added retrospectively. The Land Registry is also a good source of information as it usually has a reference to the house or plot on which it is built first being sold. Old OS sheets can also give a rough idea of when a property was built and also the date of extensions. 


Small bedroom window openers. Okay for ventilation but completely useless in a fire. A fireman once told me that the most depressing thing he had ever seen was people found dead from smoke inhalation because they were unable to escape from windows or locked final exit doors. Always ensure that you have easily openable doors and windows that you can escape from.

Beware of allowing small self-seeded trees to get a foothold. They are very powerful as can be seen from this photograph taken by our Sheffield surveyors during a RICS Homebuyers Survey.
The expanding tree trucks have moved the wall by about 4.5 inches. If not removed they will continue to buckle the wall until it comes apart.


Door seen by our Sheffield Chartered Surveyors at the entrance to a roof conversion whilst undertaking a RICS Homebuyers Survey Report. The door is inadequate as it will not provide protection to the occupier of the roof if a fire breaks out. Our surveyors look for evidence such doors can resist a fire and smoke for half an hour. We also check that doors to bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens on floors below provide half an hours fire resistance to provide an escape corridor for anybody in the roof void.

Historic fire with back boiler to provide central and hot water heating seen by our Birmingham Surveyors during a Level 2 property survey. These applicances can no loger be fitted new due to the risk of carbon monoide poisioning. Our surveyors always ensure that any rooms that they are in have external ventialtion. It may be had to find engineers willing to work on them. Any new boiler is likely to have to be in a differnt location to comply with flue regualtions increasing the expense due to the need to re-route heating and gas pipes.

View looking down in to the ceiling of a flat dormer window roof as seen by our Sheffield Surveyors during a RICS Level 2 Homebuyers Survey Report. The omission of the insulation is a common problem with these type of properties especially if constructed in the 1960's. Improvement of the insulation is likely to be difficult without removing the ceiling. 

This buckled window frame was due to substantial foundation failure of a property built in the late 1960's. Our Sheffield surveyors considered it likely that an escape from a drian had washed away very sandy ground. The purchaser had only a mortgage valuation before buying the property. The movement was not reported by the mortgage surveyor possibly as is incresingly common the property was valued from the kerb or even by automated desktop valuation. The purchasr sold the house on to a builder at a £20,000 loss. This is many times the cost of a Level 2 RICS Homebuyers Survey which will pick up exactly this type of defect.

Severe beetle infestation of timbers used to line a cellar. Our surveyors considered that beetles had been greatly encourgaed by the cellar having no external ventilation. Good ventilation of sub floor areas and roof voids will considerably help combat rot and beetle infesations.